A Web Pattern Language

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Personal site orbit

While a personal website is the traditional center of A domain of one's own, people need a space that represents their presence and identity within each digital social environment they join. In our physical communities, this is provided by our actual physical presence, role-playing behavior, and appearance. On the web, our identities are distributed between many profiles, pages, and locations that represent the spectrum of our roles within digital space.

A personal site orbit is a map of these distributed spaces. Create a Website for one person linked to a Primary domain address to serve as the gravitational center at the heart of the orbit. Within each shared space a person joins, create a Member alcove as space where they can determine their privacy preferences within that community and shape their presence there. Encourage the cultivation of subdomains for private and semi-private spaces within the orbit of the primary domain as needed for distinct areas of the person's various personal interests, projects, and professional life—Web workshops and gardens, Website for a business, Weblog, Web book, Website as a playground. Within all personally owned spaces, create opportunities for social interaction with visitors—friends, family, colleagues, and collaborators—Asynchronous comments.

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A domain of one's own
People need to be able to shape, extend, reconfigure, and repair their environment to feel truly at home within it.